Gamesa has a wind energy portfolio of 1,730 MW in India

The company had planned an installation wind farm capacity of 25 MW for Gujarat in 2011, of which 16 MW has already been installed and commissioned. This year, 5.1 MW have also been commissioned in Andhra Pradesh while about 20 MW would be installed by the end of 2011 in Madhya Pradesh. In addition, the company is scheduled to install 20 MW in Jath, Maharashtra and 25 MW in wind farm sites at Shirgaon and Chikodi, Karnataka.

As one of the global leaders in wind turbines manufacturing and wind farm development, the wind energy company’s expansion plans in India is a part of a growth strategy to tap other potential wind power markets in the country besides Tamilnadu. Currently, Gamesa has a portfolio of more than 1,730 MW in various stages of development in India.

“Wind energy is a vastly underutilised renewable resource with tremendous potential in India. We strongly believe that wind energy would be the most sustainable option that could meet the growing energy requirement not only in Gujarat, Karnataka and Maharashtra but also across India. Going forward we look to forging strong partnerships in the region and emerging as a strong player in the states. We at Gamesa are excited to explore new markets that are vital to the growth of the company as well as the future of wind energy in India,” said Ramesh Kymal, chairman and managing director, Gamesa Wind Turbines Pvt. Ltd.

Gamesa is a world leader in the development, construction and sale of wind farms, having installed over 4,100 MW and with a profile of more than 22,600 MW in Europe, America and Asia. Through this expansion, the firm intends to increase its foothold in the country by harnessing energy from other critical markets.