Iberdrola and Peugeot to foster electric vehicles in Spain

Growth of the electric car industry could be accelerated with innovation in lithium-ion batteries, although the market is waiting for technology which is long-lasting, affordable, quick-charging and safe.

Iberdrola, via its subsidiary Servicios Energéticos, and Peugeot España today inked a partnership agreement aimed at fostering the progressive roll-out of electric mobility in Spain.

The agreement was signed at IBERDROLA’s Madrid headquarters by Antonio González, Deputy General Manager of Peugeot España, and Aitor Moso, IBERDROLA’s Commercial Manager.

Aitor Moso said: Our objective is to promote the use of electric vehicles and to promote the implementation of specific initiatives, such as the deal signed today, that help make sustainable mobility a reality. Rather than just launching individual projects, we think that every effort must be made to build a business strategy around sustainability.

For his part, Antonio González emphasised that ?this agreement is in keeping with Peugeot’s commitment to support the plans of institutions and companies to develop the electric vehicle, promote the use of renewables and improve their management while securing environmental benefits and enhancing energy efficiency.

The agreement, which can currently be extended annually, establishes a framework for collaboration which includes the recommendation of each party’s current products and services in the field of electric mobility.

Thus, IBERDROLA will encourage its customers to choose Peugeot vehicles, while the carmaker will recommend the IBERDROLA Green Mobility initiative, a comprehensive commercial package encompassing the electric vehicle, the installation of recharging stations, financing and the provision of a 100% renewable energy supply.

Peugeot currently offers the Peugeot iOn, the first latest-generation electric vehicle launched in Europe. Silent and agile and featuring an efficient electric motor with a maximum output of 49 kW (66 cv), this compact 3.48-metre four-seater urban car is smooth and easy to handle and offers a high level of comfort and safety. Practical and lively, it benefits from its excellent "capacity/size" ratio and unrivalled handling. Thanks to the energy management of its lithium-ion battery, the Peugeot iOn’s range as per the European standard cycle is 150 km. 100% electric, 100% real, the iOn is Peugeot?s response to the needs of urban mobility and is now available from Peugeot?s network of dealerships. The Peugeot Partner will soon be added to the company’s electric car offer.

Under the terms of the agreement, Peugeot and IBERDROLA will also explore opportunities to jointly exploit the commercial opportunities that may arise from their respective customer portfolios and will periodically organise technological exchange meetings where they will discuss the technical requirements of the carmaker’s electric vehicles and IBERDROLA’s recharging stations to ensure full compatibility.

The two companies have also undertaken to give first consideration to their respective products and services. IBERDROLA, for example, will prioritise the acquisition of Peugeot’s electric vehicles for its fleet over other products built by manufacturers with which it does not have agreements. In turn, Peugeot will consider IBERDROLA’s energy supply services and recharging solutions before those of other companies for its Spanish network of dealerships and offices.

This partnership agreement underscores not only the commitment of IBERDROLA and Peugeot to sustainable development but also their desire to continue contributing to the creation of value in the industrial and services sectors, which is already reflected in their respective business projects.

On 11 July, in keeping with its commitment to sustainable mobility, IBERDROLA delivered 13 Peugeot iOn vehicles to the Andalusian regional government in Seville. These were presented complete with recharging points and will be used by the administration?s public courier service.

Present in 160 countries, with 10,000 contact points, Peugeot combines rigorous standards and exciting ideas. In 2010, the year of its 200th anniversary, Peugeot confirmed its place as the world?s leading French car brand, gained a place in the global brands table (to 9th) and sold 2,142,000 cars. Peugeot is the only brand to have an integrated mobility offer with both private cars and vans, scooters, bikes and a wide range of services, with the Mu mobility service.

IBERDROLA is a private company with a global footprint and expertise garnered over a history stretching back more than 150 years. The group has around 33,000 employees in over 40 countries on four continents and serves some 30 million customers. Having embarked on a major growth and international expansion in 2001 entailing investment of 67 billion by the end of 2010, IBERDROLA is now the largest Spanish energy group, the world leader in wind energy and one of the world’s five largest utilities by market capitalisation.

Last year, in line with its commitment to fostering energy efficiency, the group launched IBERDROLA Servicios Energéticos, a subsidiary charged with promoting energy saving and efficiency initiatives and related services for households, businesses and government bodies. This new company provides its customers with value-added products and services, including a complete range of electric mobility services, that dovetail with market trends by offering solutions that are not only competitive in terms of price, but also attractive in terms of energy efficiency and service quality.