Energy Storage Technologies

Energy storage is a growing market critical to the advancement and optimization of smart grid transmission and distribution operations and to the integration of renewable energies in power generation. High temperature energy storage (HTS) technologies, including sodium-sulfur (NaS), sodium-metal halide NaMx, and molten salt thermal energy storage (TES), are gaining attention as the go-to technologies for large scale and utility scale energy storage.

Growth in stationary battery applications and large scale energy storage for electrical grid applications are two channels that are going to see huge growth over the next decade, says a new report, "High Temperature Energy Storage: NaS, NaMx and Molten Salt," from market research publisher SBI Energy. The high temperature energy storage market is forecast to grow along with these application areas.

"Molten salt TES systems became the largest HTS category in 2010. The $2.5 billion global high temperature energy storage (HTS) market of 2020 is going to be dominated by the sale and construction of molten salt storage systems for concentrated solar power (CSP) plants," says Norman Deschamps, author of the report.

Sales growth of molten salt TES systems is completely dependent on the growth of the global concentrated solar thermal power market. Fortunately for this category, the legislation and regulation landscape for both renewable energy sources and grid energy storage is very favorable. By 2013 the U.S. will supplant Spain as the largest market for thermal energy storage and by 2015 more molten salt TES, by MWh, will be installed in the U.S. than in Spain. Both countries will continue to be strong growth regions through 2020 due to continued Concentrated Solar Energy plant construction. However, other countries such as the UAE and Saudi Arabia will also begin to contribute significantly to the molten salt TES market by 2020.

The HTS markets for sodium battery technologies are also flush, explains Deschamps. NaS batteries are the most commonly-used battery type used for large scale energy storage by utilities and, for the first time ever, there will actually be two commercial manufacturers of NaMx batteries as the transportation division of General Electric begins production at its new Schenectady, NY plant in the third quarter of 2011.

"The World Market for High Temperature Energy Storage," by SBI Energy, provides key insight into current and future markets for high temperature and thermal energy storage worldwide, focusing on key countries for each market segment. The analysis includes definitions, current product offerings and market detail. The report also analyzes the key industries that make use of high temperature energy storage for their end products. These include electric vehicles, stationary and industrial energy storage and Smart Grid energy storage requirements.

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