Advanced Battery For Electric Vehicles Summit

NAATBatt (National Alliance for Advanced Technology Batteries) will hold its second annual meeting and conference in Louisville, KY, September 7-8, 2011, at the Seelbach Hilton. This year’s theme, "New Markets, New Innovation: The Next 5 years in Advanced Batteries," will discuss crucial topics facing the U.S. advanced battery industry. The conference will feature sessions with discussions from top-name panelists on the following topics:

Reuse of EV Batteries

Experts will examine the economics of EV battery reuse, potential business models for EV battery repurposing, the conclusions from a DOE/ORNL battery reuse study, and the economics and challenges of Li-Ion battery recycling.

Economics of Grid-connected, Distributed Energy Storage

Within the past year, at least three major white papers have purported to analyze the economics of energy storage on the grid. The study authors and industry experts will present, defend and debate their conclusions.

New Developments in Traction Batteries and Distributed Storage Systems
Forget about what happens in 20 years. Leading advanced battery manufacturers and customers will report on expected new developments in traction and grid-connected storage systems over the next 5 years.

Export Opportunities for U.S. Battery Manufacturers

The U.S. Department of Commerce, battery manufacturers and the World Bank will discuss advanced battery export opportunities for U.S. companies. What are the opportunities and what are the tools?

Speakers and panel members include industry leaders from General Motors, Oak Ridge National Laboratory, Argonne National Laboratory, Southern California Edison, Lux Research, Ford Motor, Caterpillar, LithChem Energy, Applied Intellectual Capital, EOS Energy Systems, Ener1 and BASF. For a complete list of presenting companies visit

The conference keynote speaker will be David W. Mohler, Senior Vice President and CTO of Duke Energy, and one of the leading technology thinkers in the electric power industry. Mr. Mohler will discuss when, how and why electric utilities adopt new technology. NAATBatt Executive Director James Greenberger commented, "It is easy to get lost in the high weeds of cost analysis, when thinking about the future of grid-connected energy storage. David’s discussion will shed light on the true prospects of grid-connected energy storage and how electric utilities view new technology, technology risk, and the role of technology in helping them fulfill their corporate mission."

Industry-Academic Advanced Battery Summit

To help ensure that innovation remains a strategic advantage for U.S. battery companies, the annual meeting and conference will include the first Academic-Industry Advanced Battery Summit. The Summit will allow members of some of the leading university battery research programs in the United States to introduce themselves to the battery industry and talk about their work and interests. The field of advanced battery research is exploding, as the imagination of leading researchers is captured by the social and commercial potential of energy storage technology. Many of the newest research programs are not well known and still "fly under the radar." The Summit will let attendees meet and get to know some of the new, up-and-coming talent in the field.

In addition to stimulating presentations and panel discussions, the conference will feature product displays and poster presentations from a variety of companies and research programs. There will be ample time to network and meet panel members, university representatives and speakers during pre-dinner cocktails, over lunch, dinner and NAATBatt’s first Kentucky bourbon tasting event.

Registration is now open for NAATBatt’s second annual conference. For further conference information and registration.