The Solar Cell Production Global Market Outlook

The report analyses the global solar cell production market, which is growing rapidly due to rising demand for solar PV. The report covers prominent solar PV technologies and the main solar cell producing nations.

Features and benefits

* Analyze the key solar PV technologies including crystalline PV and thin-film.

* Evaluate the global production volume of each solar PV technology and factors that are driving production volume growth.

* Identify the leading countries in solar cell production:- production volumes, key players, growth drivers, resistors, and future outlook.

* Examine the production expansion plans of major solar cell producers in each solar cell producing country.

* Realize the future outlook for solar PV in terms of global solar PV production volumes and technology focus.


Solar power is among the fastest growing renewables globally. Solar power is generated mainly by using two technologies – concentrated solar power and solar PV. Within the two technologies, the solar cell technology is far the more utilised, accounting for 97.2% of global total installed solar power generation capacity, as of 2009.

Crystalline PV and thin-film are recorded as the two main types of solar cell currently utilised.

China produced the largest volume of solar PV producer in 2010 with a total production volume of 13,018MW (13GW), accounting for 47.8% of global solar PV production. Low cost labor and generous government incentives available for the solar PV manufacturing industry in China are the key drivers for solar PV production growth in the country.

Your key questions answered

* What is the global production volume of solar PV?

* What are the key solar PV technologies and what is their individual share in global PV production?

* Which are the leading solar PV producing nations and why?

* Which are the leading players in each of the solar cell producing nations?

* What will be the global solar PV production volume in the future in terms of GW capacity and technology focus?