Wind energy project in Quintana Roo

Mexico Power Group will invest in the next five years a total of two thousand 500 million dollars in the construction of three wind turbines plants in different parts of the country. Of these, one billion will be invested in Cozumel, representing 40% of the total budget of the company.

The municipal president of the Island of the Swallows, said that such investments represent a significant benefit and has no precedent. He said that Power Group includes the generation of up to 400 megawatts of wind energy on a wind farm that consists of three stages with the installation of 350 wind turbines.

The first wind farm could be operating in January 2012 and once fully installed infrastructure, energy could be sold even to the Riviera Maya. Gerald Monkhouse, chairman of the board of Mexico Power Group, presented the July 7, 2011 at the presidential residence Los Pinos, the wind power project and investment decision in 2500 million dollars to build in the coming years, three wind farms in Baja California, Zacatecas and Quintana Roo.

Cozumel for its geographical and hydrographic features was elected, after a study, and the place where the wind farm will be installed in Quintana Roo. The wind farm "Cozumel 1" will be built in the south of the island that are now owned by the state government. The wind farm will produce between 50 and 85 megawatts initially.

At first, thought was to place the north, but after overflights and studies, they determined that the best place was the south. Samples of air power are over 6 miles on second in a polygon formed by three thousand 560 hectares. Accompanied by Edwin Arguelles Gonzalez, municipal treasurer, said the installation and operation of the wind farm "Cozumel 1" means a good recovery, but did not specify amounts.

The presenters of the company made contact with the current mayor and the governor Felix Arturo Gonzalez Canto to present the wind energy project is now a reality, this after the announcement Thursday in Los Pinos, event attended by the state president Roberto Borge Angulo.

By José Santamarta,