Tanzania is Urged to Use Solar Power

The director of the Indian pavilion at the 35th Dar es Salaam International Trade Fair (DITF), Mr Vigfy Kumal Gauba told The Citizen that it was high time the country reduced its dependency on hydro electricity sources and that solar offered the best option. "I have found stern electricity rationing here and it is a real mess… you go here and there and it is a real mess," said Mr Gauba.

Mr Gauba, who is representing the Indian government, through the India Trade Promotion Organization, said the problem was affecting the country’s economy as it lowered production hours.He was speaking in reference to the solar electronics displayed by one of the 37 Indian companies taking part at the annual event held at the Sabasaba grounds in the city.

The Indian said solar energy was cheap in terms of installations. Electricity from solar can be available in any season of the year and could be affordable to all people in all areas..

"The Tanzanian government needs to find a lasting solution to this problem for the good of the country’s economy," he said adding that power rationing was now the matter of history in his country.The exhibitor Mr Suresh Bandal said there were different panels for solar tower, pumps, water heater and other lightening products.