Poyry receives contract to construct wind farm in Romania

Poyry, a consulting and engineering company, has received an assignment from Alpha Wind SRL and CAS Regenerabile SRL, the Romanian subsidiaries of Verbund Renewable Power GmbH, Austria, for the 200 MW wind energy plant Casimcea.

The wind power project comprises the overall construction of the wind farm with road-building, foundation, cabling and the erection of the wind turbines. In addition, this includes the erection of a 380/110 kV substation, one 110 kV cable connection and two 110/20 kV substations. Poyry provides site supervision and technical advice services, the company said.

The services for the first stage will be completed by April 2012. This Poyry Energy GmbH contract strengthens the collaboration with the important client Verbund AG in the field of renewables and marks the successful start of renewable energy activities in the wind energy sector for our Austrian clients. The parties have agreed not to disclose the grand total of the assignment, the company added.