Wind energy and solar power in Jaisalmer (India)

It’s hard to miss the hundreds of wind turbines just as one enters the Jaisalmer district. Wind farm not only make a beautiful view but have also brought a change to the district. Now, the wind energy stand tall as witnesses to the desert district fast developing into a hub of non-convention energy source.

Non-conventional energy not only helps meet the state’s energy requirement, but also plays a vital role in maintaining environmental balance. Till date, 12,00 units of wind energy have been set up in Jaisalmer while wind power projects for 2,200 MW are in the pipeline. The government has received 135 more proposals for 4,900 MW solar energy projects and process of land allotment for these proposals has been completed.

With the state’s policy to promote non-conventional energy areas and electricity produced free of cost from natural resources, renowned industrialists and personalities have shown their deep interest in setting up wind power units.

Bollywood star Aishwarya Rai Bachchan, cricketer Sachin Tendulkar and many other celebrities have already set up wind power units, while former union petroleum minister Murli Deora, steel king Lakshmi Chand Mittal and other industrialists have submitted applications to the state government for setting up wind energy units in Jaisalmer.

Many wind power companies including Suzlon, Enercon and Vestas are not only promoting investors to set up wind farm plants but also extend help.

District collector Mahaveer Prasad Swami said Rajasthan State Power Project Corporation in 1998-99 had first set up a 2 MW wind turbine unit on an experimental basis. Today after 12 years, 1,277 wind turbines have been set up generating 1,209.67 MW electricity. Swami said proposals for 2,213 MW wind farm units by various other companies are pending with the district administration, as no objection certificate from various departments are required in the process. After fulfiling these formalities, the units would be given approvals.

On solar energy projects, he said the district administration has received 135 proposals for 4,870 MW from the nodal agency, RIC, out of which 11 solar power projects for 319 MW have been approved by IREDA. Processes for land allotment of the projects are in progress.

Swami said with a lot of solar power and wind farm projects being set up in the district, grid sub-stations will be required for electricity transmission and the state government has been apprised in this regard.