China: projects include geothermal energy

The Chinese Ministry of Land and Resources (MLR) announced a new ambitious programme for geothermal energy development, aimed at deploying investment for over 70 billion yuan (over 7.6 billion euros) by 2015.

According to the announcement made by Guan Fengjun, Guan Fengjun, head of the Geological Department at the MLR, China has already located 12 large geothermal basins, with proved energy reserves equal to about 853 billion tons of coal equivalent. An appropriate use of these resources could allow the Chinese industry to cut CO2 emissions by at least 1.3 billion tons each year.

Guan went on to say that during the 12th. Five-Year Plan (2011-2015) the MLR is set to launch a large geothermal energy surveying and exploration campaign, in order to map the available and economically viable geothermal resources. The declared aim is to use geothermal power to meet 1.7% of the country’s primary energy demand by 2015, equal to a usage of about 69 million tons of coal equivalent.

Per raggiungere questo obiettivo, oltre ad impianti di generazione elettrica – ha dichiarato Li Yuanpu, direttore della Chinese Renewable Energy Society (CRES) – nei prossimi 5 anni saranno realizzati impianti per il riscaldamento e la climatizzazione geotermica di 350 milioni di metri quadrati di uffici e abitazioni.

The managing director of the Chinese Renewable Energy Society (CRES) Li Yuanpu said that – in order to achieve this target – not only will power generation plants be built over the next 5 years, but also geothermal heating and cooling will be supplied to 350 million square metres of offices and homes.

According to data reported by CRES, China’s geothermal pump market has already exceeded $1.2 billion, with a 20%annual growth rate. Geothermal power currently provides sufficient energy to supply heating and cooling to a total area of ​​approximately 140 million square metres.