Wind power can provide half of Europe’s electricity supply by 2050

The EWEA report sets out targets for the amount of wind power the industry expects to be able to deliver in 2020, 2030 and 2050. It aims to provide European policy makers with a clear understanding of the significant contribution wind energy can make in terms of energy security, CO2 reductions and employment, ahead of the publication of the European Commission’s 2050 Energy Roadmap, due in the autumn.

The report shows that by 2020 most EU countries will have at least tripled their wind power capacity reaching a total installed wind farm capacity of 230 gigawatt (GW) by 2020 – providing 15.7% of EU electricity depending on demand. 190 GW would be onshore and 40GW offshore. By the end of 2010, 84 GW of wind energy capacity was operating in Europe, meeting 5.3% of EU power demand.

By 2030 EWEA expects 400 GW of wind to be operating in the EU providing 28.5% of EU electricity depending on demand. 250 GW would be onshore and 150 GW offshore. The report also shows that wind power could provide 50% of the EU electricity supply by 2050.