Turkey’s wind energy potential is 83,000 MW

According to our latest research offering “Turkey Wind Sector Analysis”, wind power sector in the country has received tremendous response from the government initiatives and private sector entities. The government’s strong desire to lessen the energy import dependency along with abundant wind power potentials has intensified the development in the sector during the last few years. The research further revealed that, wind power will continue to be the most preferred investment destination among the renewable energy sources in Turkey and with new incentives and tariffs coming into effect, the installations will grow above 30% CAGR during 2011-2014.

The study acknowledged that, Turkey has the largest wind potential in European OECD countries. The country’s wind energy potential is around 83,000 MW. The sector is developing fast and licenses to numerous wind farm projects have already been issued. Further, high rate of industrialization, urbanization, and energy demands have resulted in the surge of concerns over various environmental issues. Wind being the most viable renewable energy source is being largely targeted by the power companies and the pace of developments is intensifying with the time.

Moreover, some companies have started domestic sourcing of the wind turbine components for their turbines in Turkey, which is likely to stimulate stronger domestic manufacturing sector, if the installation gets rolling in the country. Some global turbine manufacturers, such as Suzlon, Vestas, etc have started manufacturing equipments and parts, thus showing a positive sign for domestic wind components market growth.

Our report “Turkey Wind Sector Analysis”, has been authored to evaluate wind power market potentials in Turkey. The study provides extensive research and analysis of the industry within the Turkish framework of renewable energy. The report provides statistics/information on sector developments at both the country as well as regional levels. Forecasts for future wind capacity additions have been provided for all the prominent regions, which will help clients in refining their investment decisions on the basis of grass root developments