BHEL to set up 5 MW solar energy plant in Karnataka

"The Rs.62cr order envisages setting up an eco-friendly grid-connected solar photovoltaic plant at Shivasamudram to generate 5mw using crystalline silicon chips, which absorb sunlight and convert it into electricity," the company’s city-based electronics division said in a statement here.

The turnkey solar energy project involves design, manufacture, supply, installation and operation and maintenance of the solar plant. "With the latest order, we have solar photovoltaic-based power projects of various capacities in the southern state to generate a total of 16 MWsolar  power," the statement noted. The DC power generated by the solar panels will be converted into AC with inverters and fed into the grid through transformers.

The solar modules are manufactured at the division’s plant on the outskirts of Bengaluru. Starting with small applications such as solar-powered street lighting, rural water pumping systems, railway signalling and offshore drilling platforms, BHEL supplied and commissioned large size stand-alone and grid interactive solar power plants in a number of cities and remote areas across the country. BHEL also exports solar cells and modules to Australia, Germany and Italy, the statement added.