Wind Energy Plants are Bigger in Texas

Baryonyx Corporation, of Austin, Texas, has announced submission of applications for three wind farm sites in South Texas to the US Army Corps of Engineers. The wind turbines plants are planned for development across more than 60,000 acres of submerged land under lease from the Texas General Land Office and, if fully developed, could have an installed capacity of up to 3GW – enough electricity to power around 1.2 million homes.

"Offshore wind power represents a tremendous opportunity for Texas to bring its long history of offshore engineering, design, fabrication and installation to bear on the nascent offshore wind industry," says Ian Hatton, CEO of Baryonyx Corporation.

"For the last few years, RSTEC has invested time and money on attracting renewable energy companies into the area. Along with Duke Energy’s proposed wind farm in Willacy County, and other proposed wind farms, our region has a great opportunity to capitalize on these multi-million dollar investments," statedRaudel Garza, Executive Director for RSTEC.

In addition, RSTEC is also actively working with other companies that will complement the wind farm project. "These wind projects represent a huge employment and investment potential for Rio South Texas, if we can focus on attraction of component manufacturers for the turbines and towers and other equipment," says RSTEC member Eduardo A. Campirano, CEO and Port Director of the Port ofBrownsville. "RSTEC just returned from the AWEA WindPower 2011 Show in California, and discovered many companies interested in the Rio South Texas region."