Enel Green Power announces start of Aguilon wind energy plant in Spain

Enel Green Power, an Enel Group company engaged in the development and management of power generation from renewable energy sources, has started up the Aguilon wind farm in Aragon, Spain.

The Aguilon wind farm is located in the municipality of the same name in the province of Zaragoza. The wind farm will have an annual production of 139.3 million kilowatt hours, enough energy to supply over 51,000 households every year and avoid the emission into the atmosphere of 103,000 metric tons of CO2, the company said.

The Aguilon wind farm boasts 25 G-87 wind turbines each producing 2 MW, making a total installed capacity of 50 MW. The production of this new wind farm will mean annual savings of fossil fuel worth 51,000 metric tons of oil equivalent.

With this new wind power plant, Enel Green Power adds a further 50 MW to the 225 MW it already has in the Community of Aragon and the 1,518 MW of renewable energy it has on the Iberian peninsula.

Over more, the first 4 MW of the second phase of the Alvaiareze wind farm in Portugal have just started production. Once operational, this new phase will have a total installed capacity of 8 MW, with four E 82 wind turbines each producing 2 MW. The wind park will produce 21.2 million kWh. The first phase of this wind farm began operations in January 2011.

These new megawatts add to the 140 MW already owned by Enel Green Power in Portugal, in wind farms and cogeneration plants. In Iberia, Enel Green Power operates through Enel Green Power Espana (EGPE), ownership of which is split between Enel (60%) and Endesa (40%), the company added.

The CEO of Enel Green Power, Francesco Starace, thinks that this new wind farm "Confirms Enel Green Power Espana’s commitment to deliver on the planned development in the Spanish market, rapidly deploying profitable projects listed in the Preregistro."