Australia looks forward to its first Global Wind Day!

It’s the first time Global Wind Day will be celebrated in Australia. As it turns out, we couldn’t have delayed it any longer. When the Open Day at Capital Wind Farm, near a small town Bungendore in New South Wales, Australia was planned, we expected no more than 50 visitors. With less than 24 hours to go until the first tour, 340 people have registered.

It looks like it’s going to rain, the temperature will be hovering around 5 degrees, and naturally, it will be windy. Despite all this, organisers at Infigen Energy are looking forward to talking about wind turbines and how wind power is turned into electricity.

Infigen Energy announced an essay contest to encourage discussion about renewable energy amongst younger generations. The winners will be announced at the Open Day.

In the Australian Museum, in considerably drier condistions, Frank Boland and Ketan Joshi will give a live video presentation about wind energy. All schools in New South Wales are connected to the Distance & Rural Technologies network, which enables them to plug in to video excursions and ask live questions to presenters.

Will there be an Open Day next year? Yes, and people who weren’t quick enough to register this time around will be contacted as soon as the next Open Day is announced.

By Marju Tonisson, Infigen Energy,