Juhl Wind service contract for two 20 MW wind energy plants

Juhl Wind Inc. (OTCBB: JUHL), the Leader in Community Wind Power, announced the recent start of a new wind farm maintenance services contract for the recently completed Adams and Danielson wind farms located in Meeker County in West Central Minnesota. Juhl completed the development and construction of the wind farms, representing nearly 40 MW of wind power generation, in March 2011. Each project cost approximately $42 million and both were completed and put into commercial operation in mid-March 2011. The projects were completed on time and under budget. Juhl served as the developer and owner’s representative for the construction and commissioning phase of the projects. Shortly after completing the startup of each wind farm, Juhl received a contract to supply full-scale turbine maintenance services to each system, for an initial 2 year term, estimated at approximately $900,000.

The Company first announced the development of the Adams and Danielson wind farms in December 2009and subsequently announced the start-up of construction in October 2010. Each project utilizes twelve Alstom Eco 86 Wind Turbine Generators and the clean energy generated is being purchased by Xcel Energy under the terms of a 20 year, 19.8 MW Power Purchase Agreement with each wind farm. The wind farms incorporate one of Juhl Wind’s "Community Wind" based structures in which ownership is shared with the farmers whose land on which the system is located.

"The Adams and Danielson wind farms represent our approach to providing the full range of wind farm services to our customers," stated Dan Juhl, Chairman and CEO of Juhl Wind Inc. "For each project, we provided the full set of development services, arranged financing and then oversaw construction and system start-up. Now, we will be providing the ongoing turbine maintenance services and we would expect that relationship to continue for many years to follow the initial term."

"Our contract to provide services to the Adams and Danielson wind farms is a direct example of the expansion of our service business in 2011," added John Mitola, President of Juhl Wind Inc. "We told investors in our 2011 Outlook call that we had a plan to dramatically expand our Operations and Maintenance subsidiary, Juhl Energy Services, in 2011 and beyond and this contract is an important first step. We expect growth in our service business to come from wind farms we develop and from those in our region, owned and operated by other long-term trading partners and local owners. This is one of two areas we expect to grow alongside our core development business – our service business, Juhl Energy Services, and our wind farm ownership business, Juhl Wind Asset Investment, Inc. We announced our first major growth step in wind farm ownership a month ago with our acquisition of the Woodstock Hills wind farm and now we are announcing this growth initiative for our service business. In this way, our investors can see we continue to execute on our overall plan for growth."