e+ Launch an Era of Electric Mobility in Poland with Alva Technologies & Polenergia

e+, a joint venture of Alva Technologies and Polenergia SA, has started the rollout of electric mobility infrastructure in Poland. e+ is the leader in electric mobility services in Poland. It acts as an integrator providing all necessary services required for electric car use. e+ is the first company of this type in the Polish market. It provides customers with a full range of services: access to a dynamically expanding charging point network, leasing, rental, car maintenance, support, insurance and road side assistance. e+ has a strategic target to raise and promote an electric mobility market in Poland. Its plans are to install 300 charging points by 2013 operating in a network in the 14 largest cities.

The majority partner of e+ is Polenergia SA – a holding company that manages operating assets in the energy sector. It also supervises subsidiary companies and grants them strategic, technological and administrative support. The strategy of the group is to achieve leading positions in niche market segments with attractive growth prospects.

The minority partner in e+ is Alva Technologies, a leader in Electric Mobility infrastructure solutions across the EMEA, which provided e+ with charging stations, software systems to manage the charging network and other solutions for e+ related to electric mobility infrastructure.

“I’m very proud of our partnership with Polenergia, acting jointly as e+ and believe that what we have done in Poland can be a model for other locations across EMEA. We believe that e+ commitment to the electric mobility market and its comprehensive set of services will be of great value to customers in Poland” said Omer Zimmer, CEO of Alva Technologies.

e+ presented its e-mobility package of services to media and VIP customers in an impressive event held in Poland last week, at the event the company introduced 12 operational charging stations located in four major shopping centers in Warsaw. The company offers clients a complete package, which includes a leased Electric Vehicle, rental, maintenance, insurance, roadside assistance and the installation of individual charge points in locations designated by customers and partners. The package also includes access to the company’s public charge point network and energy needed for car charging.
Alva Technologies provides its clients with charging points running at AC level mode 1-3 and also DC charge (Fast Charge) in designated locations. All of the solutions provided by Alva Technologies are networked connected and can be managed via an advanced web interface. Alva Technologies Network Operating Center provide clients complete control over their Network and ability to offer various services to customers.

e+ is the first company in the Polish market to integrate a complex package of services for electric car users. It provides the access to its own charging points network as well as car rental, leasing, service and support, road side assistance and insurance. Currently the company offers its customers the first serial electric vehicle in the world – Mitsubishi i-MiEV. e+ major share holder is Polenergia SA. Polenergia is a leading private energy company in Poland. The minority partner in e+ is Alva Technologies, a leader in Electric Mobility infrastructure solutions across the EMEA. By the end of 2013, e+ company plans to launch a network of 300 charging points in the 14 biggest Polish agglomerations.

Alva Technologies is currently developing electric vehicle infrastructure in the EMEA with a special focus on Emerging markets. In selected countries the company also owns Electric Mobility Operators (EMO) that provide complete services to customers.