Turkey Wind Energy Sector Analysis

According to our recent research report “Turkey Wind Sector Analysis”, the government’s bid to decrease import dependency on energy needs and to reduce green house emissions, is proving decisive for renewable energy sources, especially for wind power sector.

The high potentials of wind energy commercial deployment also imparts a distinguished position in the global scenario, as the country boasts of largest wind power technical potentials in all leading OECD economies. The report further revealed that, the developments will intensify in near future and installations will grow at an impressive CAGR of 31.6% during 2010-2014.

The study acknowledged that, improving performance and dependability of wind turbines and reducing gestation period of wind farm has made Turkey as one of the most vibrantly growing wind energy market across the globe. Wind power accounts for 2.4% of the entire electricity installed capacity in Turkey, which is anticipated to soar strongly in near future.

Moreover, regulator’s ambitious targets of installing 20 GW of wind power by 2023 to source 30% of its electricity generation from renewable sources will position the sector as a center of development among the renewable energy sectors in the country.

Further, it has been identified that, Marmara region is currently the center of development of wind power sector in Turkey. This region has the highest wind energy potential; thus, attracted major wind power installation in 2010. Within the Marmara region, provinces Balkesir, Çanakkal, and Istanbul attracted majority of wind power installation in 2010. The region is anticipated to remain the most viable investment source in future also, which will be highly accredited to its strategic location and existence of global wind industry majors.

The report “Turkey Wind Sector Analysis”, has been authored to evaluate wind power market potentials in Turkey. The study provides extensive research and analysis of the industry within Turkish framework of renewable energy. The report provides statistics/information on sector developments on the country as well as regional levels. Forecasts for future wind capacity additions has been provided for all prominent regions, which will help clients to refine their investment decisions on the basis of grass root developments. Additionally, wind costs analysis facilitates essential understanding on project cost structure.