Global Wind Day on June 15

This June 15 marks Global Wind Day, a global, annual event demonstrating the power and possibilities of wind power. Ahead of this year’s occasion members of the public can access online maps of events in their area, learn more about wind energy or create their own event.

Global Wind Day held every year on June 15 is organized by the European Wind Energy Association (EWEA) and the Global Wind Energy Council (GWEC). The event is designed to celebrate the achievements of wind power and educate others on the potential of this renewable energy source.

The event began in Europe in 2007 before becoming a global occasion in 2009; last year highlights of Global Wind Day events included a professional skydive from a wind turbine in Austria, the construction of a turbine in London’s Leicester Square, an exhibition in Buenos Aires and an educational campaign in the US.

This year Global Wind Day events are happening throughout Europe, in parts of the United States, Australia, Mexico and Uruguay: members of the public can find details of an event near them via the online interactive map at: Supporters of wind power can also organize their own events – information on how to do so can be found at

General information about World Wind Day and wind power can be found via the official website ( as well as on Twitter (@globalwindday) and Facebook (

While Global Wind Day focuses on a particular source of energy, the event also looks at the environmental benefits of renewable energy, something that is a source of increasing debate against the backdrop of rising oil prices and the Fukushima disaster.

Earlier this year Earth Hour on March 26 aimed to raise awareness of our energy usage and climate change by encouraging individuals, businesses and governments around the world to turn out their lights for 60 minutes. Though the event has since passed, more information about the ongoing campaign and the event in general can be found at