SolarWorld supplies solar panels for 33 MW solar energy plant in Canada

Rail shipment is possible because SolarWorld, manufactures its crystalline silicon solar electric panels in the major market geographies where the company sells them. The practice minimizes shipping costs, fuel consumption and noxious emissions. Every week, an average of 30 trucks each laden with 540 SolarWorld panels about 3.75 megawatts total leave the Hillsboro plant for the Port of Portland’s nearby intermodal facility, where they transfer to rail for their trip to Ontario.

The solar power plant site is located in rural East-Hawkesbury, just south of both the Ottawa River and Trans Canada Highway and about 45 miles west of Montreal, Quebec. In all, 144,060 panels are expected to generate 39 gigawatt-hours annually, enough to power about 2,600 homes. The development is considered one of the most significant solar projects in one of the North American political jurisdictions in terms of policy to cultivate a market for solar energy.

"Low-impact shipping is just another upside of SolarWorld’s in-market manufacturing," said Kevin Kilkelly, president of SolarWorld Americas. "A truly green manufacturer not only produces clean products but also minimizes the impact of its production. Our manufacturing in North America reflects that commitment."

The Stardale PV Solar Project represents the first solar electric power project of Innergex Renewable Energy Inc., a developer, owner and operator of hydroelectric facilities and energy projects in North America. Enfinity owned and developed the project prior to its sale to Innergex and currently is the project partner for engineering, procurement and construction as well as operations and maintenance. Work on the project began in November 2010; it is expected to conclude by the first quarter of 2012. The total project cost is estimated at $140 million Canadian.