SCADA Solutions Leading Efforts in Wind Energy Communications Integration

Moonblink Communications, a leading value-added distributor of wireless broadband and video surveillance solutions, today announced SCADA Solutions, a leader in Supervisory Control And Data Acquisition (SCADA) system integration with a focus in renewable energy, has successfully deployed a wireless network for a 60MW Wind Power Project in Mojave, California using Proxim Wireless Tsunami™ MP-8100 300 Mbps 3×3 MIMO equipment.

The project uses a combination of fiber, wireless Point-to Multipoint and wireless Point-to-Point communication connections to transmit SCADA and meteorological data from 60 turbines. The wind power project is migrating its previously used 900 MHz network to Proxim Wireless’ high speed Tsunami MP-8100 point-to-multipoint system, using the 5 GHz frequency band and MIMO technology to reach up to 300 Mbps. The solution also included two Proxim Tsunami® GX200 5.8 GHz full duplex point-to-point links to backhaul the data to the central operations office where a team of employees monitors the effectiveness of the turbines.

“Wind farms across the country are beginning to take wireless communications seriously. Despite the dramatic cost savings and reliable performance that radios provide, it has historically been a tough sell,“ said Nick Moceri III, Vice President of SCADA Solutions. “We are seeing that tide turn and the excellent performance of Proxim’s high speed wireless systems prove that wireless can be trusted in mission critical applications.”

“When SCADA Solutions approached us, our engineering team looked at several options before making a recommendation. Due to the critical nature of these applications, we recommended Proxim’s Tsunami MP-8100 system,” said Daniel Redmond, VP of Sales and Marketing at Moonblink Communications. “The product has proven to be a flexible and reliable solution for renewable energy applications.”

“Moonblink has been highly supportive and helpful through the whole procurement process,” said Mr. Moceri. “We value their hard work, responsiveness, and technical expertise that ensured this project went smoothly. Moonblink has all the qualities we look for in a distribution partner.”

Looking forward, SCADA Solutions plans to add additional subscriber units as the remaining fiber lines fail due to environmental factors. SCADA Solutions and Moonblink Communications see strong demand in the future as renewable energy gains a stronger footing and wireless communications continues to build its reputation.

Based in Sunnyvale, Calif., Moonblink Communications is a value-added distributor providing WiFi, WiMAX, VoIP, surveillance camera systems, license-free and licensed broadband wireless solutions to VARs and Integrators that service enterprise, government, education, and security markets throughout the Americas. Moonblink Communications is a leader in wireless networking equipment distribution with highly qualified sales, engineering and technical support personnel. 

SCADA Solutions specializes in restoring infrastructure integrity through integration of all communications and SCADA systems. By implementing custom-engineered Turbine Curtailment features within its flagship SCADA software, WindCapture™, SSI has achieved measurable results of increased availability and improved wind plant production for its clients and their power partners. SSI also utilizes the latest technologies in fiber optic and RF smart packet radios in its communications networking designs. These expert capabilities result in a completely integrated control configuration essential to the utilization, performance and maintenance of critical renewable energy assets.

Proxim Wireless Corporation (OTC Markets: PRXM) provides Wi-Fi®, WiMAX, Point-to-Multipoint and Point-to-Point Backhaul technologies for a complete indoor and outdoor wireless broadband ecosystem. Its systems enable service providers, governments and enterprises to deploy fixed and mobile security and video surveillance, indoor and outdoor Wi-Fi, business and residential internet access and cell tower backhaul. Proxim has shipped more than 2 million wireless devices to more than 250,000 customers in over 65 countries worldwide. Proxim is ISO 9001-2008 certified.