Wind power Vestas launches upgraded 2 MW wind turbines at AWEA

New version of Vestas’ most popular wind turbine family incorporates full grid compliance, an upgraded gearbox, and larger rotors. This results in increased energy production of up to 15 per cent.

New state-of-the-art technology is combined with proven reliability in Vestas’ new 2 MW GridStreamerTM platform. Right now, the upgraded version of Vestas’ most experienced family of wind turbines is launched at this week’s American Wind Energy Association’s (AWEA) fair in California, USA.

“With the introduction of a more powerful and versatile 2 MW GridStreamerTM range, wind farm customers can deploy a modular fleet of efficient and fully grid compliant 2 MW wind turbines for optimal performance across all wind classes and wind farm site conditions,” Senior Vice President for the 2 MW platform, Claus Stegmann Strøeh, says about the major release.

Featuring an improved gearbox and larger rotors, the upgraded 2 MW platform substantially surpasses its predecessors in terms of wind power output. At a typical IEC I site (high wind), the new V90-2.0 MW GridStreamerTM provides approximately 10 per cent more energy output than the V80-2.0 MW. On an IEC II site (medium wind), the new V100-2.0 MW GridStreamerTM produces up to 15 per cent more energy compared to a V90-1.8 MW.

Other highlights:

A permanent magnet generator optimises power generation by enabling the widest possible wind speed range.
Lower foundation, erection, and grid connection costs, including the elimination of substation costs through full grid compliance at the turbine level.
Maintenance and repairs can be performed up-tower at lower cost and with greater safety and ease for technicians.

Based on tried and tested technology

With more than 7,800 wind turbines installed worldwide since 1998, the 2 MW platform is Vestas’ most popular family of wind turbines. The upgraded 2 MW GridStreamerTM models are built on the knowledge gained through the operation of this tried and tested platform, as well as data gathered from more than 43,000 wind turbines in operation globally.

For instance, Vestas Performance and Diagnostics Centre has analysed the performance of the various gearbox designs used in the 2 MW fleet and identified the most reliable gear and bearing solutions.

“By implementing these solutions as well as optimising the entire gearbox design, we have significantly improved the gearbox performance and reliability of the new wind turbines, thereby reducing the cost of energy for our customers,” explains Stegmann Strøeh.

The upgraded 2 MW platform is planned for global release and will initially be marketed in the North American, Northern European, and Mediterranean regions. Central Europe will follow later this year.