Cogenra Solar Achieves Dual PV and Solar Thermal Certification

Cogenra Solar™, a provider of distributed solar cogeneration systems and renewable energy service solutions, announced today that its solar cogeneration modules have become the first solar energy solution to pass requisite third-party standards for both concentrating solar thermal and solar electric certifications established by the independent certification bodies Solar Rating and Certification Corporation (SRCC) and the International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC), respectively. These industry evaluations enable customers of Cogenra’s solar cogeneration solution to benefit from significant financial incentives for renewable energy installations throughout the United States.

Cogenra is the first concentrating solar collector to receive OG-100 certification for meeting the durability, safety and thermal performance requirements of SRCC Standard 600. With the additional qualification of IEC 62688 concentrating photovoltaic (CPV) collector and assembly safety, Cogenra’s solution is the only concentrating solar technology to meet both testing requirements to become eligible for state incentives offered in California and Arizona, among others.

“Having passed both solar hot water and photovoltaic certifications, our customers will be able to maximize the economic benefit of our solar cogeneration technology. Not only do we deliver five times the energy of traditional PV and three times the greenhouse gas reduction, but with the eligibility for both thermal and electric rebates we can provide a truly compelling payback on investment,” said Dr. Gilad Almogy, Cogenra CEO and founder.

Many states, including California and Arizona, require SRCC certification for solar hot water systems to qualify for rebates and incentives that help drive down the costs of system installations. This includes the recently launched California Solar Initiative (CSI)-Thermal program, which offers rebates to customers that install systems that reduce gas or electric heating of water. CSI began accepting applications for multi-family and commercial projects in October 2010, augmenting strong federal tax incentives such as the 30% investment tax credit and 100% bonus depreciation available for solar cogeneration projects commissioned in 2011.

Cogenra Solar’s solar cogeneration solution encompasses both photovoltaic and solar thermal technologies to deliver low-cost electricity and hot water for a range of industrial and institutional applications. The combination enables Cogenra to achieve the highest solar utilization and deliver the industry’s fastest financial payback.

Sonoma Wine Company, a full-service crush to bottle contract winery in Graton, CA, has been reaping the energy and cost savings provided by its Cogenra system installed last November. Projects are currently being developed and installed in industries such as food processing, wineries, multi-tenant housing, corporate cafeterias, healthcare and military. Once completed, applications will range from washing and amenities, sanitation, laundry, cleaning, and pasteurization, to name a few.

Cogenra Solar is a distributed solar cogeneration company that combines photovoltaic and hot water collection to deliver low cost electricity and heat generation for commercial, industrial and institutional facilities. Cogenra’s solution enables clean, renewable energy below utility rates while reducing natural gas and grid-fed electricity consumption. Cogenra is located in Mountain View, California.