Acciona Windpower introduces 3 MW wind turbines for medium wind speed sites

Acciona Windpower announces the enhanced 3 MW wind turbine featuring a 116-meter rotor diameter, now available for IEC Class IIa wind farm sites. The wind class upgrade on the AW3000/116 wind turbines delivers a leading power curve and the best cost of wind energy at wind farm sites with medium wind speeds, while also perfoming exceptionally well at almost any site. Acciona Windpower will feature the AW3000/116 turbine at the upcoming American Wind Energy Association (AWEA) Windpower show on May 22 – 25th, 2011 in Anaheim, CA.

"The AW3000/116 is an exciting evolution of ACCIONA Windpower’s 3MW platform. By maintaining the same best-in-class features while upgrading to IEC Class IIa sites, this turbine will deliver a superior power curve in almost any site condition – making it one of the most versatile wind turbines in the world," said Joseph Baker, CEO of Acciona Windpower North America. "Enhancing our largest rotor to suit windier sites, while introducing the option for taller towers, makes our turbines more productive and an overall better value for customers."

Multiple standard tower height options are offered in steel and concrete, including a 120-meter concrete tower, which will transform average sites into more competitive sites by capturing the better wind resource existing at higher heights. Acciona Windpower has over five years of experience with concrete towers and is a world leader in the development of this technology, having built over 80 wind turbines with concrete towers.

Acciona Windpower turbines are unique in that they are designed not only from the company’s perspective as a manufacturer, but also from the Acciona Group’s experience as developer and operator – with long-term performance, reliability and safety in mind. These turbines have a global average fleet availability of more than 98 percent. The entire portfolio of 1.5MW and 3MW wind turbines provide maximum performance throughout the life of the project and at an investment level that ensures customers can deliver on their bottom line.

The AW3000/116 offers the same best-in-class features for reliability, durability and performance that all Acciona Windpower wind turbines are uniquely known for, including:

Generation at 12kV (compared to 690kV), which may eliminate the need for step-up transformers in small projects, resulting in significant customer savings
Double-bearing support on the main shaft to reduce bending loads on the gearbox
Hydraulic pitch control to provide safe and reliable blade pitching in all wind environments
Six-pole, double-fed induction generator for improved voltage and frequency stability
Advanced grid integration

Acciona Windpower was recently awarded $3 million by the Iowa Power Fund to install 2 AW3000 turbines in Cedar County, Iowa for commercialization purposes. Acciona Windpower will be exhibiting at AWEA Windpower in booth 3279.

Acciona Energy, the energy division of the Acciona Group, is a world leader in the field of renewable energy sources. It takes on the mission of demonstrating the technical and economic viability of a new energy model based on criteria of sustainability. Their geographical, technological and commercial diversification, our solid asset base – with no variable production costs -, the skills of a team of more than 2,000 professionals with unprecedented know-how in the sector, and the competitive advantage of having their own technology in key areas such as wind turbine production or the design of Concentrating Solar Power plants are just some of the differentiating features that strengthen our position in the market.