Sequoia’s North Dakota Wind Energy Project Approved

Sequoia Energy U.S. Inc. has received the green light from the North Dakota Public Service Commission to proceed with the construction of its Border Winds wind farm project, a 150-megawatt wind power development near Rolla, North Dakota, which is about 10 miles from the North Dakota-Manitoba border.

The wind farm is sited over 52 square miles for up to 66 wind turbines and has been a critical piece of Sequoia”s long-term strategic plan to build an energy pipeline around some of the richest renewable energy resources in the continent, Sequoia President and CEO Ron Diduch said today.

"We”ve been working on this project for over five years and we are proud that the ND PSC has approved the site plan to allow us to proceed to the next step, which is to complete some other key negotiations on the commercial issues for the project," Diduch said.

While the down turn in the economy has slowed the development of renewable energy across the U.S. it has not dampened Sequoia”s commitment to this project and the ND PSC decision is another confirmation that the project has been well planned, he added.

"We”ve invested a lot of time and energy in this project to date and we intend to continue with all efforts required to ensure that the project is successful. We have a long-term plan in which the Border Winds project plays a key role. With the ND PSC approval we can get on with the vision for renewable energy that has been supported and shared by so many in Rolla, the Rolette County and the state of North Dakota. We have a lot of people to thank for getting this project to this stage," Diduch said.

Eight miles north-east of the new Border Winds project in Canada is Manitoba”s first wind farm, first developed by Sequoia Energy in St. Leon, Manitoba.

Since that development Sequoia has more than doubled its staff complement including hiring veteran finance executive Wes Thiessen in March as the company”s Chief Financial Officer. Last June Sequoia Energy acquired the assets of Calgary-based renewable energy company C-Free Power Corp. and opened up Sequoia–Calgary to complement its Winnipeg head office and its regional Canadian and American offices.

Sequoia Energy Inc. is a privately-owned Canadian-based developer of renewable power projects. Sequoia currently has over 80 active wind power, solar power and hydroelectric power projects being developed across five Canadian provinces and four U.S. states with a total estimated capacity of over 7,000 MW. Sequoia is focused on all three of the North American renewable platforms — wind energy, hydro and solar energy.