SCHOTT Solar presents future-proof solar energy solutions

At the industry-leading Intersolar Europe trade fair, SCHOTT Solar AG will demonstrate the future-proofness of its solar solutions. SCHOTT Solar will display its new products and innovations at booth 480 in hall A1. One highlight will be the all-new photovoltaic solar power system for roof mounting on major industrial buildings. Developed by SCHOTT Solar in cooperation with the BASF chemicals group, the system is made of an especially durable plastic. The solar manufacturer will also showcase new generations of durable double-glass modules and SCHOTT InDaX modules. Intersolar Europe will be held in Munich from 8 to 10 June 2011.

"We research and develop innovative materials and product solutions so that our customers can invest safely and benefit from high energy yields," says Dr. Martin Heming, CEO at SCHOTT Solar. "Our company’s solar solutions embody future-proofness and performance stability thanks to durable materials and a performance guarantee for double-glass modules which promises our customers stable yields at high levels for a period of thirty years."

Innovation for industrial roofs

The renowned InDaX series is expanded by an all-new plastic PV system, which has been developed by SCHOTT Solar and BASF and is particularly suited for large-scale installations. The in-roof system comprises two parts: The conventional frame is replaced by a basin made from BASF special plastic – designed exclusively for photovoltaic applications – into which SCHOTT Solar fits a specially developed frameless double-glass module. An innovative fixing system ensures safe positioning and dispenses with the need for tools when mounting the module onto the roof. Other advantages include optimised rear ventilation and reduced weight. This in-roof solution is especially suited to large installations, such as when asbestos abatement is required on the roof.

Lightweight design made from innovative materials

SCHOTT Solar presents a unique, innovative concept in the field of lightweight modules, reducing module weight compared with existing glass-foil modules by up to 60 percent. This is thanks to an innovative backing material which reinforces the modules enormously, allowing the front glass to be substantially thinner.

Durable performer

SCHOTT Solar also moves a step into the future in double-glass technology. The new double-glass modules are especially durable because they are robust and resistant to environmental influences. For example, the new SCHOTT ASI double-glass module is tremendously cost-effective because of its favourable price per square metre and watt peak. The same robustness can be found in the new SCHOTT Poly 185 double-glass module, which has been on the market since April. The new 48-cell multicrystalline module permits optimum utilisation of small roof areas and can be installed quickly and easily.

Extended InDaX series with proven double function

SCHOTT Solar AG is also expanding its range of in-roof solutions by a small module with an output of 185 W: Their compact size makes SCHOTT InDaX 185 particularly suitable for small roofs. The new SCHOTT InDaX 230 and SCHOTT InDaX 235 are also added to the existing module series. SCHOTT InDaX systems based on crystalline technology provide high energy yields in the long term in conjunction with high reliability. At the same time, they replace conventional roofing materials and provide optimum protection from rain, wind and snow loads. This is because InDaX series modules can resist any weather conditions in the long term thanks to their high-end connection between the aluminium frame and the laminate layer.

Efficient modules ready for the marketplace

The cooperation between SCHOTT Solar and Solland Solar is continuing to pick up speed. Last year, the two partners began joint research and development activities in rear-contact solar modules. With 60 multicrystalline cells, the MWT modules (Metal-Wrap-Through) achieve output of 250 Wp – a class better than today’s standard. Pilot production of these trailblazing technology will begin in summer.

A beneficial partnership with a future: E-mobility and solar power

Passion meets innovation: SCHOTT Solar, innovation driver in the solar industry, sees electric mobility as ground-breaking technology for the future which combines with photovoltaics and other renewable energy sources to create an innovative mobility concept. This is why SCHOTT Solar sponsors twice world champion MUENCH Racing in two race series created especially for electric motorbikes. This will permit many people to experience the power and fascination of these e-bikes.