Wind energy DeWind Announces Buy-out of Little Pringle Wind Farm

DeWind Co, subsidiary of Daewoo Shipbuilding and Marine Engineering Co. Ltd (DSME) (SEO: 042660), today announced it now holds 100% ownership of the 10 MW Little Pringle I and 10 MW Little Pringle II wind farms. The Little Pringle wind farms, originally built under a joint venture arrangement with an outside project developer, are located near Dumas in Hutchinson County, Texas. Together the wind farms use 10 Texas-built DeWind 2 MW D8.2 wind turbines assembled for DeWind by TECO-Westinghouse at their facility just outside of Austin in Round Rock, and have produced over 16 GWh of power since beginning commercial operation. The two wind farms are part of a growing portfolio of wind farms owned and operated by DeWind.

Robert Rugh, President and CEO of DeWind, says, “Consolidating the ownership of the Little Pringle wind farms completes another step toward establishing DeWind as a formidable player in the US market, by providing a showcase for DeWind’s technology in a wind farm setting.”

The DeWind 2 MW converter-less synchronous wind turbine, first installed in 2007, is based on proven DeWind 2 MW wind turbine technology dating back to 2002 when the first DeWind 2 MW D8 wind turbines entered commercial operation. The grid-friendly design of the D8.2 uniquely provides grid-support capability to all grid applications, and has been installed in environments ranging from sea level to high elevations in excess of 14,000 ft., in climates from desert heat to extreme cold, in numerous diverse locations in Europe, Asia, South America and the US.

DeWind Co designs, produces and sells utility-scale wind turbines, offering the 2 megawatt (MW) 60 Hz D9.2. The D9.2 features conventional fixed-speed synchronous-power AC generator with high voltage output, which can be connected directly to the grid without the use of power conversion electronics, enabled by the advanced WinDrive(R) hydrodynamic torque converter developed by Voith AG, and provides superior power quality, VAR support and ride-through capabilities.