Nissan and ChoosEV Partner to Promote Electric Vehicles in Denmark

Under a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) signed by the two parties, buyers of the 100% electric car Nissan LEAF will be able to sign up for a complete package of electric mobility services from ChoosEV. The package will be made available at their Nissan EV dealer when the newly elected 2011 World Car of the Year becomes available in Denmark later this year. In line with Nissan’s requirements, the services include a home inspection by a qualified EV electrician and the supply and installation of a ChoosEV "Mode 3" charger for safe and convenient, 16 amp recharging at home.

Owners of the zero-emission Nissan LEAF will also be able to subscribe to access to public and semi-public charging stations making them less dependent on being in the range of their home charging station.

"Our cooperation with Nissan will be a very big step forward for the future of zero-emission transportation in Denmark. ChoosEV is continuously investing in expanding the infrastructure in the public and semi-public environment. We just launched our first quick charge station in the centre of Copenhagen, and soon there will be an additional 5 charging stations available in Denmark. In addition, we plan to launch 300 semi-public charging points in 2011. With this cooperation, Nissan LEAF owners will experience a high flexibility owning an EV," said ChoosEV’s CEO Henrik Isaksen.

"The MoU agreement with ChoosEV is an important step in launching the 100% electric Nissan LEAF in Denmark. A well-developed infrastructure and access to public charging stations is a must for the introduction of electric vehicles. Nissan LEAF is the world’s first mass-produced EV, and with ChoosEV as partner we can offer Nissan LEAF owners almost the same freedom as that provided by a conventional car," said Guillaume Cartier, Managing Director, Nissan Nordic Europe.

Nissan LEAF is powered by a compact electric motor in the front of the car, which drives the front wheels. The AC motor develops 80 kW of power and 280 Nm of torque, enough for a maximum speed of 145 km/h. The electric motor is powered by a Nissan-developed laminated lithium-ion battery with an output of more than 90 kW. The car has a range of 175 km (New European Driving Cycle) between charges making it a practical proposition for many urban drivers.