We need more electric vehicles on the road now

The people in charge don’t get it. We need to kick-start the electric car with lithium ion batteries sales now. Day after day the newspaper and TV car ads are endless for gas cars, but I haven’t seen any electric cars with lithium ion batteries in the showrooms.

Hybrids don’t make it — it has to be full-blown electric car. And why should plugging it in be a problem? A gas guzzler has to be plugged into a gas pump doesn’t it? And you have to stand in line to pay with other people buying cigarettes, candy bars and beer.

I’m not saying everybody will buy an electric car, but a lot of us will, and that will give us some independence. If the Big Three each had one factory producing electric cars, next year gas would be $2 again for the ones who are slower to respond to their personal crisis.

And after the so-called scientific results from all the experts, the Middle East would get the message. This can happen — with the technology we have today — if we just do it.

By Bud James, www.lasvegassun.com/