Soaring Gas Prices Provide Opportunity For Electric Cars

An Indiana manufacturer of electric vegicles is trying to take advantage of skyrocketing gas prices to increase its market share. Electric car maker Think North America is launching a sales blitz for its City vehicle this weekend, just as gas prices approach $4.35 a gallon at some Indiana stations. In an interview to air this weekend on Inside INdiana Business Television, Think North America’s Brendan Prebo talks about what the company feels are advantages.

Prebo says plans are still calling for about 100 people to be working at the company’s Elkhart manufacturing operation by the end of the year. He says an electric car can go about 100 miles for the price of half-a-gallon of gas at today’s rates. The company says the technology could save drivers more than $3,000 a year in fuel expenses.

Think’s presence in Elkhart has been having an impact elsewhere in the state. It has a supplier agreement with Indianapolis-based Ener1 for lithium-ion batteries.