Wind energy Goldwind wins two wind turbines U.S. deals

Continuing to build on its strong momentum in the US market, Goldwind announced the sale of five wind turbines for wind farm projects in Ohio and Rhode Island on Monday. With the announcement, the company has now sold over 120 MW of its 1.5 MW Permanent Magnet Direct Drive wind turbines since moving to the Americas just over a year ago.

"Goldwind has enjoyed a great deal of success in the Americas to this point – we’ve developed a local presence, hired local staff and secured projects in Minnesota, Illinois and now Rhode Island and Ohio,” said Tim Rosenzweig, CEO of Goldwind USA. “We have entered into the utility scale market, completed deals with American manufacturers to provide content in China and we have created opportunity and an undeniable economic impact. We are focused on continuing that momentum, continuing to demonstrate our technology advantages and continuing to build-out our global supply chain.”

The sales also demonstrate a rapidly growing adaptation of PMDD technology by the US wind industry. With an installed base of over 6,000 MW of PMDD turbines globally, Goldwind is widely viewed as aglobal leader in the deployment of direct drive technology.

These two orders comprise of five 1.5 megawatt (MW) direct-drive permanent magnetic wind turbines, sold to clients in the United States, said Goldwind.

The wind turbines will be installed in two wind farm plants respectively located in Ohio and Rhode Island, which are funded by local American companies. Goldwind did not say when the two wind turbines will be delivered.

Despite surging growth of annual output in recent years,most Chinese-made wind turbines are supplied to the domestic market.Chinese wind turbines have little track record in the U.S. or Europe.

In 2010, China exported 13 wind turbines, totaling 15.55 MW. Exporting wind turbines has become a strategic target for leading Chinese wind energy makers as they compete to take up a larger share of the world market.

Tim Rosenzweig, chief executive of Goldwind USA Inc., the American arm of Goldwind, said "Goldwind has achieved marvelous results in tapping the world market since our American arm was established a year ago. Our company has employed local staff workers and cooperated with local suppliers. It proves effective to promote our internationalized expansion through a localization strategy."

In early 2010, Goldwind integrated into the grid three 1.5MW wind turbines in UILK Wind Farm, Pipestone Town of Minnesota. It was Goldwind’ s first wind farm project in the United States, and also its first MW-level wind farm project in overseas areas.

In December 2010, Goldwind USA won a competitive bid to provide power from the Shady Oaks project, fully owned by TianRun Shady Oaks LLC, a subsidiary of Goldwind, to utility Commonwealth Edison from June 2012 over a term of 20 years.

The landmark 109 MW Shady Oaks wind power project is the first large U.S. wind farm to use Chinese-made wind turbines — Goldwind’s 1.5MW direct-drive permanent-magnet wind turbines.

Tim Rosenzweig expects construction of the Shady Oaks project to start in late spring or early summer, and be completed by the end of 2011.

Wu Gang, Goldwind board chairman, said "The Shady Oaks project, our first scaled and commercial facilities in the United States, reflects substantial recognition in the American market of our turbines. It opens a road for us to go on exploring the American market."

So far, Goldwind, the world’s largest maker of direct-drive permanent magnetic wind turbines, has about 3,500 such wind turbines installed and integrated to the grid.