BASF announces moving wind power pictures

They highlight the opportunities, benefits and challenges of wind power as one of the major climate-friendly sources of energy for the future. The role that specifically developed BASF products play in making wind turbines even more efficient is discussed in the films by means of specific examples. One of the two films, which last about eight minutes each, deals with the production of rotor blades from a novel type of epoxy systems, while the other examines innovative rotor blade coatings.

Fascinating pictures from the molecular world

In “Protection from Wind and Weather – Intelligent Coatings for Rotor Blades of Wind Turbines,” spectacular pictures show the development and testing of innovative coatings that BASF sells under its new RELEST® product brand. Pictures produced by a special high-speed camera visualize processes that are otherwise invisible to the human eye. Insights into real-life rotor-blade manufacturing and short expert interviews complement the presentation.

The movie on “Enhanced Efficiency in Rotor Blade Manufacturing – New Epoxy Systems” explains the role and application of these systems. Sold by BASF under the Baxxodur® brand, the two-component resin plus hardener systems can enhance the efficiency of rotor blade manufacturing processes by as much as 30 percent. Animated film pictures draw viewers into the world of molecules and make them comprehend the chemical processes taking place. Customers and scientists then explain how the systems are used in manufacturing rotor blades.

“We want these films to convey the fascination of having chemistry contribute to enhancing efficiency in the production of modern wind energy plants and making them more profitable to use,” said Dr. Martin Jung, spokesman of BASF’s Wind Energy Industry Focus Group, and added: “If you want to simplify current wind rotor production processes and achieve equipment life cycles of more than twenty years, you need intelligent chemistry – such as BASF’s novel coating and epoxy systems.” The company also supplies grouting solutions and concrete additives for the construction of high-strength foundations and towers for modern wind turbines.