Nissan, Saga Prefecture and FamilyMart Sign Partnership Agreement to Promote Electric Vehicles

Nissan Motor Co., Ltd., Saga Prefecture and FamilyMart Co., Ltd. today signed a partnership agreement to promote wide-spread adoption of electric cars based on a ’24-hour EV Ubiquitous Network*’ (‘EV Ubiquitous’) which can allow anyone to charge their EV anytime across Saga Prefecture.

Saga Prefecture introduced seven units of the 100 percent electric, zero-emission Nissan LEAF. Additionally announced was the installation of seven Nissan-developed quick chargers at seven FamilyMart stores in the prefecture.

Held at Saga Castle History Museum, the ceremony was attended by Yasushi Furukawa, Governor of Saga, Yasuhiro Kobe, Managing Executive Officer, FamilyMart and Hitoshi Kawaguchi, Senior Vice President, Nissan, to confirm and sign the agreement. The three parties will promote efforts for the wide spread adoption of EVs in Saga Prefecture with each playing the following roles:

Establishment of charging network

Saga Prefecture: Install necessary and sufficient quick chargers within the prefecture to support establishment of EV Ubiquitous

FamilyMart: Contribute to establish EV Ubiquitous by cooperating in a charging facility management scheme, such as providing space for chargers and collecting usage fees.

Nissan: Supply Nissan-developed quick chargers and provide information on charger installation and building a charging network to establish EV Ubiquitous

Other EV promotion measures

Saga Prefecture: Promote wide spread adoption of EVs in Saga Prefecture by creating demand through events such as test drives, introducing purchase incentives and encouraging municipalities within the prefecture to introduce Electric Vehicles.

FamilyMart and Nissan: Actively participate in various measures held by Saga Prefecture to promote EVs and provide necessary information for effective execution of these measures.

Kawaguchi SVP said at the ceremony, "I pay my respects to Governor Furukawa who has been actively promoting the development of a city friendly to EV driving. I also expect that wide-spread adoption of EV will be accelerated by the successful example of charging experiences at convenient stores in cooperation with FamilyMart. Nissan, with its sales companies and parts suppliers in Saga prefecture, will fully support the implementation of this partnership agreement."

Aiming to be the world leader in zero-emission vehicles, Nissan, with its Alliance partner, Renault, has formed partnerships with more than 90 governments, cities and other organizations around the world.
Nissan LEAF was released in Japan and the United States last December and in select European markets in March. Release in other global markets is set to begin in 2012.

Ubiquitous: Environment and technology from which anyone can benefit anytime and anywhere. Saga prefecture aims to create a ‘ubiquitous’ environment where all EVs can be charged anywhere 24 hours a day.