Egypt Starts to Invest in Wind Power

Total expected output at the completion of the project is 1000 MW or 250 MW per wind farm. The Minister of Electricity and Energy, Dr. Hassan Younis, explains the wind turbines project will be constructed in two phases and is open to investors who will be permitted to design, finance, construct, own and operate the station for a period of 20-25 years.

The wind power will be transferred to the Egyptian Electric Company which will then transfer the electricity to consumers at prices approved by the Council of Ministers. Egypt suffers from frequent and lengthy power shortages due to an old and insufficient network grid, particularly during the summer.

As a result, Egypt is shifting to alternative sources of power and plans to produce 12% of its electricity from wind turbines projects, alone within the next five years with hopes to generate 7,200 MW by 2022. Bids for wind farms in this area will be launched in cooperation with the European Union, Spain, and German banks.

According to Egypt’s El Sewedy Cables, cable maker and supplier of wind energy generation products, "wind energy is one of the fastest growing industries in the world. Everyone wants it, and Egypt has high potential to produce such energy." Further, "wind energy does not cost a lot to produce, and its price now is very suitable as a source of energy."