Abengoa Solar commercializes new high-concentration solar power photovoltaic system

Abengoa Solar begins commercializing cutting-edge CPV system with a 28% efficient rate

This proprietary technology, developed through Abengoa Solar’s expertise with high-concentration photovoltaic installations, yields higher performance and lower per-kilowatt generating cost, resulting in a record low Levelized Cost of Energy (LCOE). It is also simpler to manufacture and assemble.

The electric power generation system consists of a high-concentration module and high-precision tracking and control systems. The module uses triple-junction III-V cells with 39% efficiency, similar to those used in space. These cells, when coupled with a state-of-the-art optic design, achieve better results than other systems used in locations with high temperatures.

This technology can be installed on rooftop and other sites with little visual impact, as well as into utility-scale solar plants with high-precision trackers.

Abengoa Solar focuses its activity on the development and application of technologies for generating electrical power from the solar energy.

Concetrated Solar Power and Photovoltaic R&D Projects

Following a fruitful beginning dedicated primarily to R&D, the basis for developing mature and economically viable technology, at Abengoa Solar we have gained a position as pioneers in the construction of photovoltaic and solar thermal commercial plants, and in customized projects.

In 2007 the first concentrated solar energy tower technology commercial plant was inaugurated, PS10 (11 MW), as well as the world’s largest low-concentration photovoltaic plant, Sevilla PV, with 1.2 MW of power output capacity. The two plants are part of concentrating solar power Solúcar Platform. It is estimated that in 2013 it will generate 300 MW of power, enough to supply 153,000 households, and will eliminate the emission of 185,000 tons of CO 2 each year. In the same year, construction began on Solnova 1 and Solnova 3, two of the five 50-MW parabolic trough technology plants that will make up the Solnova complex. In 2008, we began the construction of Solnova 4, the third 50 MW parabolic trough technology plants. At the same time we built several photovoltaic plants with sizes between 1 and 6 MW.

During this last period, we consolidated our solar thermal and photovoltaic technology activity. The second world’s commercial power tower, PS20, is currently in operation. Additionally,we have recently begun building Helioenergy 1 and Helioenergy 2, two 50-MW parabolic trough technology plants located in Écija, Seville.

In addition to this platform, Abengoa Solar is a participant in the construction of plants in both Spain as well as different regions of the world: Solana in the United States, and the world’s first two hybrid plants, located in Algeria and Morocco.

Abengoa Solar upholds a solid commitment to the development of the CSP market, both in Spain and abroad. Proof of this is the agreement with APS (Arizona Public Service) to build the world’s largest solar plant, Solana, located about 70 miles southwest of Phoenix, Arizona, and the agreement with the Pacific Gas & Electric (PG&E) to build a 250 MW plant in the Desert of Mojave, California. Moreover, we are participating in the construction of the two first Integrated Solar Combined Cycle in Algeria and Morocco.

At Abengoa Solar, we have signed an agreement to join to the Desertec Industrial Iniciative as "a founding member". This project seeks to develop renewable energy production in the desert regions of Northern Africa and the Middle East for both local use and for exportation to Europe.