California will install 9,000 MW of solar power, wind energy and geothermal energy by 2020

California is, after Italy, the first source of geothermal energy development and home to many of the photovoltaic and solar energy companies. The first  electric vehicles were developed there. Then came Reagan and the party is over, until a few years ago.

Solar thermal energy was born in California, until stopped short. Acciona built many years after the first Concentrating Solar Power Plant in the state of Nevada, and in Spain, Abengoa, Acciona, ACS-Cobra and Sener developed it many years later.

The new governor of California, Jerry Brown, wants to catch up and just signed the renewable energy bill, which involves the development of another 9,000 MW of renewable energy by 2020.

The renewable energy bill wants to reach 33% of California’s consumption with renewable energy. For Obama, the law is a model for the entire United States, if the anger and reactionary Republican party lets do something. 

Jerry Brown signed into law Tuesday a mandate that 33% of electricity in California must come from renewable sources by 2020. Brown, along with U.S. Secretary of Energy Steven Chu, signed the bill while helping dedicate a new solar panel manufacturing plant in Milpitas. The facility will produce 75 megawatts a year of panels from SunPower Corp. and is expected to create 100 jobs.