Aena acquires 33 electric vehicles for airports in Spain

Aena will invest one million euros in the acquisition of electric vehicles with lithium ion batteries for the largest fleet of electric cars used by an airport operator in Europe.

The measure is part of the Savings Plan, Energy Efficiency and Emissions Reduction, of the Ministry of Development, within the proposals of the Transport White Paper the European Commission to promote the use of electric cars.

The 33 electric vehicles are destined for Madrid-Barajas Airport (10 electric cars), Barcelona Airport (10 electric vehicles), Palma de Mallorca Airport (8 electric cars) and Lanzarote Airport (5 electric cars).

Electric cars are charged at peak hours when the airport is less demand for electricity, so the impact on the existing electrical installation is minimal. The acquisition of this fleet of electric vehicles is done after pilot tests conducted in 2010 at airports in Madrid and Barcelona, ​​which showed its suitability for use in the field of airport activity.

Electric vehicles with lithium batteries do not emit CO2 or damage the environment if the electricity comes from renewable sources like wind power, solar power photovoltaic and solar thermal. Wind turbines can supply electricity to electric vehicles in the future will also serve to store and regulate the electricity of intermittent wind power sector.