Pakistan first solar power plant

"Pakistan is going to have its first on-grid solar system and smart grid is becoming a reality in less than a year," said PEC Chairperson Senator Engineer Rukhsana Zuberi, while addressing a press conference here on Saturday. She said that the smart-grid system could make Pakistan self-sufficient in energy. The country was rich in renewable energy resources, especially solar energy.

"Harnessing such environmentally clean resources will save foreign exchange, create opportunities of billions of dollars for small investors and provide jobs, which are much needed for Pakistan’s job starved market." Highlighting the features of on-grid solar power system, she said that the excess electricity produced would be added to the national grid through a smart meter.

She said that the Islamabad Electric Supply Company (IESCO) had agreed to buy excess electricity on mutual decided tariff. " This breakthrough project has paved the way of smart-grid in the country which has the capability to provide earning opportunities to dwelling units and individuals".

Engr Zuberi said that the government of Japan had extended a grant of 480 million yen to Pakistan under clean earth programme. She added two solar electricity generation systems of 180 KW each would be installed at the PEC and the Planning Commission for which the PEC was an implementing partner.

She said that the solar system would convert six-storey PEC building in the federal capital on solar energy by February 2012. She termed the present energy crises as a mega opportunity to open tremendous jobs and business opportunities for every country man.

She said that the promotion of solar energy utilization would bring plenty of jobs, business and investment opportunities for all the professionals. She said ,"the people can get their solar energy system connected with smart grid and produce electricity which can be used for domestic purpose and extra power may be transferred to the main grid which will generate income".

"Feed in tariff is need of the day, we should encourage the people to put solar panels at rooftops of houses, connect them to the grid, make profit by selling electricity as well as reduce energy bills upto zero level." "Instead of saving money in banks we can make solar energy to be an accessible viable business for everyone. Extra earning and saved amount from high tariff energy bills can be better utilized in health, education and dietary needs of children in a household," she added.