REpower sells to juwi 240 wind turbines

REpower Systems AG (WKN 617703) and the juwi Group have signed a framework agreement for the delivery, installation and maintenance of up to 240 wind turbines. The wind energy contract is set to run until 2013. The agreement largely relates to state-of-the-art 3 MW systems and, with a potential generating capacity of up to 720 MW, is REpower’s biggest onshore framework agreement in Europe to date.

juwi is planning to erect 180 wind turbines in Germany and another 60 elsewhere in Europe. The main wind turbine designs to be used are the REpower 3.4M104 and 3.2M114 with hub heights of between 123 and 143 meters, as well as wind turbines of the MM series with rated power of 2.05 MW. The wind turbines are to be erected and commissioned between the second half of 2011 and 2014.

Andreas Nauen, CEO of REpower Systems AG: “We are delighted with the confidence that juwi has placed in our technology and our team with this major order. The signing of the agreement is the result of the first successful pilot projects that we completed with juwi last year. Jens Müller-Nielsen, Managing Director of REpower Systems GmbH, responsible for the German market, adds: “We scored points with the high hub heights of our three-megawatt turbines in particular, which make it possible for the customer to operate especially profitably in inland locations.”

For the juwi Group, this means an expansion of the pool of suppliers. “REpower has a very attractive product portfolio,” commented Dr. Marie-Luise Pörtner, Managing Director of juwi Wind GmbH. “The framework agreement will allow us to implement the numerous projects that we have planned for Germany and abroad quickly and securely." juwi and REpower successfully undertook their first common projects in 2010. “On the basis of this positive experience, we are very much looking forward to the new partnership,” added Pörtner.

Given favorable wind conditions, a single unit of the latest REpower 3.2M114 wind turbines with a hub height of 143 meters can generate around 12 million KWh of power a year – enough to supply around 3,000 four-person households.