Renewable energy, a much better option than nuclear power

I used to feel very safe living in Wilmington, until I watched Japan suffer through an earthquake and everything that went with it, including having their nuclear power plants totter on disaster.

Now I feel scared. After all, we have three nuclear power plants within range of Wilmington.

This brings to mind events over 40 years ago when solar energy was presented as a viable energy source. Research and development grants were requested from Congress to implement this new, clean energy. Of course, lobbyists for big oil, coal and gas stepped in and put a stop to this. Too expensive, they said. Won’t work at night or on cloudy days, they said.

What they really foresaw was that expensive though it was to set up, once in place it required very little maintenance and no more cost.

Our government listened to big energy lobbyists because they paid for their campaigns. Where the money is, that’s where you go. The ironic thing about it all is that the money comes from all of us through exorbitant power bills.

Now we live in fear of what could happen if an accident occurred. This could have been prevented if our government was truly for the people and listened to them years ago.

Wouldn’t it be nice if the power company sent you a check every month?

By Gerry Anderson, Wilmington,