Siemens and FCC join forces to develop electric vehicles in Spain

Both companies seek to become leaders in electric mobility, and joining forces enables them to grow in this competitive, innovative market. Siemens will act as a technology partner and provide know-how and technology related to charging systems, while also enabling FCC to participate in its research projects in the field.

FCC will be in charge of building the charging infrastructure. The Citizen Services group offers Siemens its capacity to integrate the installations and its powerful commercial network specialised in municipal government. According to José Manuel Tejera, General Manager of the Mobility Division at Siemens: "This agreement represents a perfect match between the two partners’ strengths."

The technology contributed by Siemens for the Epos charging stations is comprised of a central charging point and two satellites, allowing vehicles to charge slowly (6-8 hours) or quickly (1-2 hours). Epos is more than a power outlet for charging electric cars; it is an integrated system with a full-scale information terminal.

Epos technology is modular and can be configured as either a single charging station or a central charging station with up to 10 satellite charging points. This system allows vehicles to be charged in series, which is extremely useful, for example, in multi-floor electric car parks at train stations.

The adoption of this technology is in line with FCC’s long-standing commitment to development. As part of the agreement, FCC will contribute its expertise as a specialised infrastructure manager and, in particular, the experience of its industrial services and construction division, FCC Industrial. According to the division head, Santiago Ruiz: "We have the necessary skills to be leaders in the development of electric mobility facilities. This agreement with Siemens will enable us to maintain our position as a sector leader and prepare us to roll out the technology on a large scale when the time comes."

This agreement will permit the collection of data on the pilot test, usage and mobility patterns and charging performance, which will help simulate the day-to-day experience of using an electric vehicle.

The government’s firm commitment to the development of electric vehicles further supports the agreement between Siemens and FCC. The first mass-produced electric vehicles will be available at the end of 2011, and this agreement together with Siemens’ extensive portfolio of charging technology will drive and help meet growing demand.