Wind Power Market: China Outclasses US and Expected to Retain its Market Position in 2011-16

The market for wind energy has registered remarkable growth in last few years and is expected to grow significantly in the wake of growing interest in developing and harnessing alternatives to traditional fossil fuels.

“Regional Benchmarking of Wind Energy Market for China, US, Germany and India.”

Lucintel, a leading global management consulting and market research firm, has analyzed the wind energy market and published a comprehensive research report, “Regional Benchmarking of Wind Energy Market for China, US, Germany and India.”

Four nations, Germany, US, China and India, have been taken into consideration in order to analyze the overall wind energy market. This report identifies factors contributing to the competitive advantages of wind energy sector and measures the attractiveness of those factors for each of the four nations. It provides intelligence to support the strategic decision making for the short as well as long term.

As per the study, the top 5 countries in the worldwide wind energy market are China, US, Germany, Spain and India with market shares of approximately 21%, 20%, 14%, 11% and 7% respectively, representing approximately 73% of the total cumulative wind energy market at the end of 2010. In the year 2010, China surpassed the US in terms of cumulative wind energy capacity installed. The US and China are expected to grow considerably in the next five years and beyond.

Lucintel’s research report provides insights regarding entry and expansion plans to wind farm investors, wind turbines OEMs and component manufacturers. The report details the industry’s life cycle, market trend and forecast, drivers and challenges. Lucintel’s findings are detailed through cluster analysis, international competitive benchmarking and discussions of growth scenarios for the nations covered. This report will greatly support OEMs, component suppliers and investors in the decision making process as it pertains to wind energy.