Solar energy – ATERSA installs 120 streetlights in Benin

In March this year, ATERSA carried out the installation of 120 streetlights using Led technology lamps (ATERSA LED2) with a unitary power of 30W.

Led lights are considered the most reliable in terms of lifetime and the light they emit, characteristics which must always take precedence in places where maintenance is difficult and complicated. Each streetlight includes an A-75 model module as a generator, a control system with crepuscular switch and intelligent timer, model FAR 50 and a maintenance-free gel battery, housed in the concrete base of the streetlight for greater protection.

ATERSA was chosen by the Energy Without Borders Foundation which, on behalf of the Messengers of Peace Association in Benin, is undertaking a project to supply electricity to rural areas. The area supplied with electricity consists of the towns and villages on the outskirts of Fô-Bouré, the town where the Messengers of Peace missionaries are based. Fô-Bouré is part of the Sinendé district and is situated in the north of Benin, around 600km from Cotonou, the country’s financial capital.

The solar power project was carried out throughout the parish managed by the missionaries. The parish covers an area of 2,000 km2 and light was supplied to 15 towns and villages. The number of streetlights per town varies from 3 to 30 depending on the size and importance of the town. Some of the towns have up to 12,000 inhabitants.

In 2006, ATERSA took part in the first phase of the project, using photovoltaic solar energy to supply electricity to the various buildings which house a medical centre, a nutritional centre and a shelter. Various public lighting points were also installed in Fô-Bouré. In this second phase, electric light is being supplied to areas that were previously without it and the whole population is involved in the project. ATERSA has provided training for local personnel who have also helped install the streetlights, thus ensuring they are trained to carry out any future maintenance.