Colorado – Huerfano County Wind Energy

Black Hills Energy, a subsidiary of Black Hills, declared that it has submitted a proposition to the Colorado Public Utilities Commission to own a 50% stake in a wind farm owned by EUI Development, which is expected to generate around 29 MW power.

Colorado Electric announced it has filed a proposal with the Colorado Public Utilities Commission to own 50 percent of an approximate 29 megawatt wind farm as a part of its plan to meet the State of Colorado’s Renewable Energy Standard. The mandate requires investor-owned utilities to acquire 30 percent of their energy from renewable resources by 2020. Black Hills Energy also proposes to purchase the energy and renewable energy credits from EUI Development, LLC, the owner of the other 50 percent of the project.

"This wind turbines project is key to our plan to comply with the state renewable energy mandate. Moreover, it will provide local economic development opportunities for southern Colorado," said Christopher Burke, vice president of operations, Black Hills Energy – Colorado Electric. "We look forward to partnering with Vestas wind tower manufacturers in Pueblo to complete this critical project."

If approved by the Colorado PUC, the wind project will be constructed in Huerfano County, Colorado, just south of Pueblo. The filing proposes an ownership model in which Black Hills Energy will own 50 percent of the project while the other half would be owned by EUI Development, LLC, which is currently developing the property Black Hills Energy has identified for the project.

The proposed project, which would be completed in 2012 if approved, would include 16 Vestas wind turbines, components of which will be manufactured in Pueblo and at other Vestas facilities in Colorado, contributing to jobs and local economic development. On-site construction for the project, which will create approximately 55 jobs for southern Colorado, is anticipated to occur in early to mid-2012 pending county and Colorado PUC approval.

The submitted proposal, if approved will assist Black Hills Energy in its efforts to achieve the 30% mandatory renewable energy portfolio by the year 2020. The company also has plans to buy the renewable energy credits and the power generated from the project.

On receiving approval from the Colorado Public Utilities Commission, the project will be built in Huerfano County that lay south of Pueblo in Colorado. Currently, EUI Development is developing the project site chosen by Black Hills Energy. The wind project will incorporate 16 Vestas wind turbines. Vestas will manufacture the required wind turbine components for the project at its manufacturing facilities in Colorado.

On receiving approval of the Colorado PUC, the project will be completed in the middle of 2012. While the Vestas manufacturing facility brings in job opportunities and economic development to Colorado, the project will provide 55 onsite jobs at the location. Black Hills Energy serves 93,300 electric customers in 21 southeastern Colorado communities and was ranked No. 6 in Total Solar Watts per Customers in Solar Electric Power Association’s 2009 Utility Solar Rankings report. Black Hills Energy is a subsidiary of Black Hills Corp. (NYSE: BKH).