Northern Power Systems Unveils Permanent Magnet Direct Drive Wind Turbines

The company has launched the new wind turbine at the recently concluded European Wind Energy Association Annual Event in Brussels, Belgium.

The company has productively installed the prototype of its Northern Power 2.3 wind turbine at the Stoney Corners wind farm located in McBain, Michigan, USA. The wind turbine was produced at the company’s new factory in Saginaw, Michigan and transported to the installation location and has become the biggest direct drive wind turbine functioning in North America.

The Northern Power 2.3 with its 2.3 MW power production capabilities incorporates a higher level of power curve and low level of starting speed than that of the other wind turbines of its class thus enabling the generation of more power in a range of wind speeds. The simple gearless design of the wind turbine incorporates a sophisticated technology and requires negligible maintenance.

Northern Power Systems has successfully verified the functions of its Northern Power 2.3 wind turbine at the National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL) of the U.S. National Wind Technology Center.