Indian Wind Power Sector Analysis

The power sector is no doubt the core area that the developing countries need to keep an eye for their economic growth. Countries, like India are focusing on sustainable power supply from renewable sources. High and continuously fluctuating fossil fuel prices along with source limitations are encouraging this country to opt for the renewable power sources, like wind. Though power industry is not the only industry adversely affecting the climate, it contributes a significant amount of emission (about 60%). Wind power is the most eco-friendly in nature and is witnessing rapid growth in the country.

According to our research Indian Wind Energy Sector Analysis, Indian wind energy sector has witnessed some notable milestones in its long development tenure in the country. Improving performance and reliability of wind turbines and decreasing gestation period of installation has positioned India as one of the most dynamically growing wind energy markets in the world. The wind power contributes 70% of the grid interactive renewable power installed in India, which is expected to remain almost constant in the coming years. With the continuous public and private sector participation, the sector is all set to achieve nearly 14% CAGR growth in cumulative capacity installations during FY 2011-FY 2014.

Moreover, wind power offers an immediate and concrete solution to many energy and climate challenges. Wind is a clean, abundant, omnipresent, and inexhaustible form of energy. Therefore, high utilization would lead to drop in fossil fuel demand and inflationary price pressure would be eased. Besides, if future capacity addition targets are met under the agreed time frame, India will comfortably reduce its GHG emissions and will meet the strict UN environmental standards.

Our report Indian Wind Energy Sector Analysis has been authored to evaluate wind power market potentials in India. The study is an outcome of extensive research and conceptual analysis of the industry within Indian perspective. It provides statistics/information on sector developments on the country as well as the state levels. Forecasts for future wind capacity additions have been provided for all prominent states, which will help clients to refine their investment decisions on the basis of grass root developments. Additionally, wind costs analysis facilitates essential understanding on project cost structure. A brief overview of business description and significant developments of key industry players currently operating in the industry has also been covered in the report to provide a balanced research outlook of the industry.

Key Topics Covered:

* 1. Analyst View
* 2. Power Industry Snapshot
* 3. Wind in Context of Power Industry
* 4. Industry Drivers
* 5. Industry Overview and Outlook by 2014
* 6. State wise Renewable Purchase Specifications
* 7. Wind Cost Analysis
* 8. Wind Equipment Market
* 9. Regulatory Framework
* 10. Competitive Landscape
* List of Tables
* List of Charts

Companies Mentioned: Suzlon Energy Limited, Shriram EPC Ltd, Vestas Wind Technology India Private Ltd and Enercon India Ltd.