India And China Lithium-ion Technology Forum

The South China Lithium-ion Battery Association in conjunction with MyMobile Infomedia Pvt Ltd and Exhibitions India Group will launch the 1st India and China Lithium-ion Technology Forum on March 25, at Hall 7D, Pragati Maidan, 3pm onwards. Discussions on the rechargeable lithium-ion based technology for portable power products will be the focus of the forum.

According to a Gartner report, 2010 the handset sales in India reached over 138 million units. While the top five phone manufacturers held a dominant position and are likely to continue that way for the next few years, new carriers and local handset manufacturers are bringing down the cost per call and lowering the cost of handset ownership. The report further predicts that with the aid of low cost imports from China, phone sales will exceed 206 million units annually in 2014.

The one day event will bring some of the world’s leading experts in Lithium-ion technology, development and manufacturing to India in an effort to establish new business opportunities and relationships with India based companies looking to capitalize on the growing demand for advanced rechargeable energy storage systems. The Forum provides networking opportunities with Airtel, Indoasia, Intex, Nexian, Reliance, Spice , Tata ,TCL, Vodafone, etc

The combined conference and showcase is geared towards industry decision makers seeking knowledge in large volume Lithium-ion production and pack assembly. According to Mr. Max Leu, vice president of the Shenzhen B&K Rechargeable Battery Inc, the event’s presenting sponsor, "As a leading Li-ion cell manufacturer we have had a growing presence within India and with the dramatic increase in numbers of mobile telecom and consumer electronics B&K is seeking greater relations with Indian companies planning to integrate rechargeable energy storage into their products."

With Exhibitions India Group as a co-organizer, the invited delegates from the industry and media will get an opportunity to hear from important technologists from North America, China and India. Patent-holding engineers will talk about the new safety and performance standards while other presenters and panelists will talk about the growth of electric powered transport and renewable energy, both utilizing Lithium-ion large storage systems.

Following the conference sessions, the hall will open up for a product showcase highlighting some of the advanced cellular products and Lithium-ion manufacturing from China. Top brands and 3C products recognized by both the Indian Telecom Industry and the Chinese Ministry of Industry and Information Technology including Tinno, Obee, Hojy, Hedy, Hualu, Beta, TAG, Wingtec, Cellon, TCL,etc will have a presence. In addition to the mobile telecom products, the conference will showcase the new e-rick, an electric powered rickshaw, a common public transport for urban centers.