Iberdrola starts up 38 MW Arachnaio II wind farm

With this new wind turbines facility, the company has lifted its wind power capacity to 255.3 megawatts, giving it share of the Greek wind energy market of close to 20%.

The company already has 17 wind farms operational in Greece. Iberdrola Renovables employs almost 200 professionals in this country, where it conducts all its business activities through its subsidiary Rokas.

Iberdrola Renovables, the world’s leading wind power company, through group subsidiary Rokas, has started up the 38 MW Arachnaio II wind farm in Greece.

This new facility strengthens the company’s leadership in Greece, where it now has installed capacity totalling 255.3 MW across its 17 wind farms. This means that Iberdrola Renovables’ share of the Greek market stands at close to 20%.

The Arachnaio II wind farm is located in Mount Arachnaio, close to the town of Nafplio, in the Peloponeso peninsula. The facility comprises 19 Gamesa wind turbines, models G80 and G87, each with unit capacity of 2 MW.

The construction of Arachnaio II provided jobs for 100 people. The farm’s annual output is equivalent to the power used by over 20,000 homes, displacing the emission of 77,220 tonnes of CO2 a year.

Moreover, the start-up of this wind farm has entailed a significant improvement to the power grid in the Peloponeso peninsula, as the new substation built and the upgrade work performed on some of the medium-voltage lines have reinforced the system. The region’s road network has also benefitted, with the construction of 12 kilometres of new roads.

Through this project, Iberdrola Renovables will earmark around €20,000 a year to the nation’s Green Fund, which is to be used to invest in projects designed to improve Greece’s environmental record.

The company employs almost 200 professionals in Greece (including the crane manufacturing company in this country), where it conducts all its business activities through its subsidiary Rokas, a company acquired in 2004.

With operations in 23 countries, Iberdrola Renovables is the world leader in wind energy by both installed capacity (over 12,500 MW at the end of 2010) and output (over 25,400 million kWh in 2010).