Solar energy applications in San Diego and Riverside

SunUp Energy announced it will partner with Mark Naylor Solar for commercial solar energy applications in San Diego and Riverside Counties. Naylor is a premier solar distributor and contractor beginning in San Diego in 1979.

"We are excited to reform this team," said Rick Rothman, CEO of SunUp Energy, "Naylor was a customer purchasing SunUp Collectors and SunUp Hot Water Systems we manufactured from 1978 through 1988. When my Sales Manager, Peter Dunbar, approached our current companies about reactivating this team, we realized we had a combined experience of more than 100 years in solar sales, installation and service."

The new partnership offers design and turnkey installation of solar thermal and PV systems for apartments, hotels, industrial buildings, medical facilities, storage warehouses, non-profits and more. Customized services include assistance with special program financing to building owners and long term tenants seeking to reduce energy demand and monthly utility costs.

"When people think of solar, often their first thought is solar photovoltaic (PV) systems," said Peter Dunbar, "but solar thermal for commercial hot water applications, including domestic potable use, space heating and pool heating is even more cost-effective than PV. An apartment, for example, may combine solar thermal and PV to address multiple needs, including large swimming pools."

The newly formed group also includes Matthew Traficonte, CEO of California Solar Thermal, Inc. who will design, sell and serve as Project Manager. "We are thrilled to be included in this joint venture. Together as a team, we offer innovative, high performance solar systems and have the installation experience needed to develop the solar thermal industry."

SunUp Energy provides solar thermal and PV system design, energy savings analysis and installation and offers a variety of energy efficient products. Mark Naylor Solar specializes in solar domestic hot water and pool heating solar systems and provides warranty service on hot water systems and components. California Solar Thermal, Inc. specializes in commercial solar thermal products and designs that optimize efficiency and comply with guidelines for numerous grant and incentive programs now available for installing solar thermal systems.